2017 is going to be in the sign of Instagram. This social network is seriously starting to challenge Facebook for the number 1 spot when it comes to popularity. Although Facebook is still quite a way ahead with 1.7 million monthly users, compared to 500+ million of Instagram, most of social media experts predict a sharp growth line for Instagram. Here we will explain a couple of ways how you can get on this fast moving train and increase the visibility of your personal profile, business or brand.

What’s all the fuss about Instagram?

The main point we are trying to emphasize is that Instagram user have much more engagement when compared to Facebook or Twitter users. Many studies have confirmed that the engagement rate goes as high as 58 times more than FB and 120 more than Twitter. This is mainly because Instagram is such a visual tool and pictures can say more than a thousand words, the old saying goes.

The world is fast and people want information instantly. Reading just takes a lot of time. Photos, on the other hand, are direct and quick and carry a lot of information. Keep reading and see how you can get your profile to get much more attention.

Tip 1: promote user-generated content

People get excited when they see themselves on TV or on the internet. So excited they immediately start sharing and calling their friends to tell them about it. Make your users your walking and talking advertisement tools. Hand over the steering wheel to them and let them occupy the spotlight.


Everybody wants their 5 minutes of glory. Post as much user-generated content as you can and just sit and watch how the number of followers is increasing. Your followers will attract other followers and your profile will be a showcase of new talent, showing of their skills while promoting your brand or business.

Tip 2: hold on to your web personality

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or any other social media, for that matter, one of the most important business strategies is to keep a consistent online presence. Bear in mind that users remember you by your key features you present yourself, as a part of your profile. These are, among others, your logo, your voice and the emotions you reflect. These should always be the same.

Yet, since Instagram is such a direct and visual media, it can sometimes be difficult to always project the same aura on your profile. Some of the most popular and most fruitful methods include making your logo your profile picture. Keep in mind that the logo design should have a strong connection with your online personality and the emotions you are trying to send across the web.

Also, a smart thing to do is to use your company`s name as your username. A great way to combine both of these methods is to come up with a watermark which you can stick to any photo you share.

Tip 3: hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

Some say they were around always, but bloomed when Instagram started to grow. Hashtags are certainly a staple of social media today. Pretty much every single Instagram post includes at least one. They help you follow mentions, they keep you connected with other people and, most importantly, play a critical role when promoting brands and products.


If you want to make the best of your profile and promote your brand or business, try to encourage your followers to follow up their posts with your hashtags, especially when they are posting a photo of your product or brand. Also, find some popular hashtags which are connected to your brand and make the best of using them.

Tip 4: everybody loves a show off

In the internet world, this is so true. Find a feature of your product or brand which makes it better than the competition. Figure out a way to present this leverage you have over your competitors and make a photo which presents this. All you need to do is create a picture to interest your follower, and more free followers will soon follow.

Find the wow factor and present it, people respond to beautiful images. Style and finesse are perfect eye-candy for Instagram users. Show off your brand with some cool photos and soon enough you will have people sticking to your profile like moths to a flame.

Tip 5: Connect and integrate your profiles

Some brands or businesses find it hard to establish Instagram popularity on the same scale as, for example, Facebook or some other social media. Combining your social media profiles into one presentation can be the cornerstone of your success. Ok, you do not have the visual Instagram identity like some other brands, but you can use your Instagram profile to expose your other social media profiles.


And, more importantly, you can redirect traffic from your primary social networks to Instagram. Your followers will be glad to check out your other profiles where facts about your business can be presented in a more informative way.

All the content that cannot be presented on Instagram and works well on other social media is easily accessible via other social media. Make the best of this and combine your profiles into a connected presentation.

Let Instagram do all the hard work

With more than 500 million users and rising, Instagram ceased to be a potentially global social network long ago. It is one of the heavyweights now, available to all kinds of companies willing to promote their business. The key feature of Instagram, the ability to create excellent visual content, can be exploited for advertising in so many ways.

Take advantage of the five tips we told you about and you are on a good way to attract many more followers, meaning so much more exposure for your online personality, your product or your brand.

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