How would you like to become popular on Instagram? Instagram is a great social network for all those who love to take photos, but also for creative and fun people who love to play with their photos using Instagram filters so later they can share them with their friends and family. These photos, mostly look great, but if you want to reach better visibility on this social network, making a great photo simply is not going to cut it.

So what is the secret when it comes to obtaining a large number of Instagram followers? Well… The whole secret comes down to a few details and a fine touch when sharing your photos. Here are some of our tips to help you gain more Instagram followers fast!

  • Use Mayfair filter

Even though the statistics show the use of hashtag #nofilter is by far the most popular hashtag on Instagram, we are here to tell you it will have a negative reflect on your photo. Filter Mayfair is one of the mildest filters you can use, but it gives you a chance to fine-tune that photo, and on average it will bring you around 23 likes and comments.

instant Instagram followers

  • Post your photos daily and at the right time

To gain a larger number of followers on Instagram, it is necessary to publish your photos regularly. It would be best to post photos on a daily basis, but if you are not able to, publish them at the well-organized time. Why is this important you may ask? Because your followers just do not like when you post 10 photos at once so that later, in the next 5 days or more do not see any of your new photo. Therefore, it is essential that your posts are well-organized. Do not forget to post your photos frequently.

  • instagram-hashtagAlways and always use #hashtag

Many will say it is irritating to put hashtags and that it can ruin your perfect photo, but don’t let them fool you. The numbers show that it is very important to use hashtag if you want to increase your current number of follows. Instagram fanatics who have more than a thousand followers post on average 11 hashtags in one picture, which on average brings them around 78 likes and comments.

  • Share photos of promotional character

When you go to a fancy restoran, bar, cinema, or maybe even a shop, be sure to tag them and select a location that is designated for this place. This way you advertise them, and all good comes from free advertising does not!? It often happens that after sharing their photos, the one you advertised post your photo and so they return advertising you initiated. This can give you a lot of likes and future Instagram followers!

  • Tag your friends, famous brands and companies

instagram brandsIf you want to have a lot of Instagram followers and to gain many likes on your photos, you must yourself be very active on this issue, following and tagging others. By simply tagging your friends, brands or companies you manage to reach a much larger audience, ie. potential Instagram followers. In what way? Well, when you tag a friend , he will look at that photograph and, if he is pleased with it, he will share it. Your friends post will later result in sharing your photo with all his/her friends. So, more clever interacting with other members on Instagram leads to higher chances to attract new Instagram followers!

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