2017 is a year as good as any to check out and add a couple of cool new celebrities and/or celebrity associated people. Our advice is to devote your attention to profiles which make you feel positive, excited, happy or even delighted. I mean, what are celebrities for if not that, right? With friends, you might get in trouble if you unfollow any of them.

Soon enough, you will get a 2 o’clock in the morning phone call with an angry “You really had the nerve?” No fear this will happen with celebrities, though. You can unfriend and unfollow celebs as much as you please, without fear of causing a national TV covered incident.

We made a shortlist of a few famous people you might want to add to your daily Instagram routine. They will certainly bring a bit of freshness to your online activity.

Meghan Markle

meghan-markleAlso known as the girl dating Prince Harry of England. And now you finally know her name! Unless you are one of those google freaks which immediately search for stuff they do not know. Yes, she stars in TV shows and she also loves to blog about, guess what, lifestyle. If you are lucky, you might stumble upon a photo of her boyfriend, the younger of the Royal brothers.

Anwar Hadid

anwar-hadidGigi and Bella have a younger brother? You don’t say. And he is a model. Well, how strange. He is 17 and aspiring to get out of his sisters’ skirts. He enjoys blurry selfies, posting “rare” photos of his sisters (if their photos can even be considered rare) and, recently, some photos of her sister Gigi’s new romance, Mr. Zayn Malik, who has really become popular on Instagram in the past few months.

Kaia Gerber

kaiaIf you are old enough to remember the eighties, then you reminisce the times when you had her mother’s posters on the walls or your (or your son’s if you are a little older) room. She is Cindy Crawford, of course, and her daughter Kaia is on the way modeling stardom. In a few years, you will be able to tell people that you were following her when she was just a kid. Kaia`s profile is a true sight to see.

Chef Debbie Solomon

Debbie-SolomonWho does not want to know what Rihanna is doing on her holidays must be… I cannot finish this sentence because of political correctness, but I will say that following Debbie`s profile is a definite must in 2017. She is the personal chef of our girl, Rihanna, and, if you decide to follow her, you might catch a glimpse of what Rihanna is up to when she is not touring and working. And what is her favorite type of mustard, in case you haven`t known already.

Stephanie Sheppard

stephanie-shepardPersonal assistants are important. Yeah, right. Seriously, what does a personal assistant do other than tell other people to do what he or she has been told)? Ok, forget about what I said just now. Check out Stephanie, or Steph Shep, as she is known nowadays, and you just might find out what Kim and Kanye are up to for the weekend.

Ava Phillippe

ava-phillippeAva is a talented artist with a great eye and a talent for photography. She also loves to share her creations on Instagram. While you are scrolling through her new photos, you might catch a break and spot some of the other Witherspoons – Reese or Ryan.

Orlando Bloom

orlandoAs you already know by now, Legolas is dating Katy Perry. And he loves to post a lot on Instagram. Ok, that is all good, but what is best is that Katy always has a comment or two on his posts. Expect good humor from Orlando and Katy. And expect an occasional photo of Katy a true fan should have on his desktop.

Jessica Seinfeld

jessica-seinfeldJerry`s wife sure shares a cool sense of humor with her husband Jerry. Hilarious photos of the family cat, coupled with pictures of her children`s pranks is a sight to see. On the other hand, sometimes we catch Jessica with some questionable outfits. Nothing is ever certain with her.

Tom Holland

tom-hollandThe new Spiderman seems like a nice guy. And just like Benedict and his Cumberbitches, he came up with a name for his fans – Hollanders. We expect the army of Hollanders to increase quickly once Tom rises up to the A-list.

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